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Good luck on your journey Anchi IP: Logged. Good luck on your journey Anchi Thank you! I wish you the same!

Twin Flames and Astrology: Some Basics

Apparently twinflames have been split during the fall of Atlantis. Posts: From: From a galaxy, far, far away That is intertesting Anchi I have Saturn exactly conjunct Atlantis with this person also and Atlantis opposite Sun as well It started when I was going to a coffee shop and they had the Ascended Masters Deck every day I would pull a card at coffee just for fun.

25 Signs That You've Found Your Twin Flame

This was March - April By some inspiration I decided to do my brother's chart he died at one day old I was surprised to find he was born with a Star of David. So I started to really get more into my hobby of astrology again. Its an pointed STAR. Great site: www. Here is a great site I found on this information. The interesting thing is, what is left out of this equation is the MOON!

1. The First Sign Says You Know Him Forever

I started adding the asteroids to see more about this connection and its fascinating to see the energies involved in this extremely rare chart. So I did the synastry and found this super powerful connections both ways.

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Together they are 9 - the end, the last cycle. Now you have a karma to solve together and you need to face it wisdom and courage. For us, it is Sun in Capricorn in the 9th house Sagittarius.

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Jupiter spends around a year in one zodiac sign and it takes 12 years to make a full circle through all zodiac signs. Our Jupiter is in Cancer and we met during that time as well , not planned on purpose, just hoped for a meeting.

Twin Souls - Have you met your better half? -

Jupiter makes dreams come true, good luck-bringer. The 9th house from the position of the Sun is also related to Jupiter through Sagittarius, 9th sign of the zodiac.

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