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Im muthafucking jumping up and down!!!! Im parrot and that shit was accurate, shit more accurate then my birth chart. Im very critical of other ppl, but i keep it tp myself becuase i know i can be rude as hell. I mean sometimes my stomache hurt on how much stuff i bottle in. I do have a type of hate or love me personality and i live in a conservative state so i hate how everything is so fucking pc!!!! And my fucking dream is to be a critic!!!

Nobody has never gotten this before and i love it. Thanks op!!!! LOL I'm a Goose. Those birds are such assholes. I relate to this sign though. I'm surprised that this described me so accurately. There is no question that the platypus is one of the most unique and difficult to comprehend animals in the world, so there should be little surprise that people born under the Primal Zodiac sign of the Platypus find themselves in a similar situation.

Platypuses do best around intuitive individuals, who understand that which is not being said out loud - the reservations with others, the fear of betrayal and rejection, the need to plan things out before acting. Members of this sign do well with intuitive types because they can still communicate without having to explain themselves. Very intelligent and hard working, many Platypuses have personalities which seem old for their age. Instead, they are often interested in obscure subjects and understanding the core aspects of how life works.

They may feel like outcasts, but will later find out that everyone is different on purpose, and they most likely chose the Platypus approach to life in order to gain deep wisdom and knowledge that otherwise fade into the background in the lives of others. Of course, all of these traits can be offset with certain signs in the birth chart such as having the Moon or Ascendant in Gemini , which will give an entirely different spin on how this personality relates to the outside world.

Collecting the finer details of each individual is more important for this sign than many others simply because of the strong effect each planetary aspect can have on the direction of each individual life. Platypuses are notoriously shy and withdrawn. They enjoy having a good deal of quiet time to plan and execute their own projects.

Group inclusion is of little importance to a Platypus, and they typically keep to themselves or their close friends and family. The difficulty in opening up to new people makes romance a bit tricky at the start, but once potential mates get to know a Platypus, the more they find there is to like. Young or less mature Platypuses can be emotionally intense, possessive, and jealous of others interacting with their mate.

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This is because deep down members of this sign are afraid of being rejected or betrayed. Learning to trust others is a big life lesson for this sign, but is one that is necessary for finding a long-lasting, loving relationship. If Platypuses can learn to take the calculated risks in love that they do in business, there is great reason to believe that a strong romantic partnership is not only possible, but inevitable.

Though this sign has some makings of an entrepreneur, most Platypuses will choose to work for a stable company where they can methodically earn their way up the corporate ladder. Those who choose to take a risk will likely want a partner to work with them; one who can compliment their weaknesses and vice-versa. Members of this sign tend to enjoy careers that allow them to use their brains more than their social skills. They are not terribly artistic in general, and most prefer a career that deals with math, science, or finance.

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The best career options for a Platypus are doctor, insurance broker, auditor, or engineer. Of course there are many more options than these, and each individual should decide for his or herself what career will be a good fit for them. Humans born under the sign of the Panda share many similarities. Members of this sign tend to be popular but loners, want to go with flow but have to feel in charge of their own destiny, long to relax but are always working on projects, are ambitious yet uncertain, want to do things that help others yet are often self-focused, and have creative minds that are often focused on success and achievement.

I keep forgetting my Eastern Astrology sign lmao. But that was on point. I'm a Fox some of it was true. Half of it didn't fit me. I've never agreed with Eastern astrology and so far not impressed with Primal astrology. Jun 29, It said that I'm a Jackal and that Chris Brown is one as well. That hurt my feelings. They are deep, intelligent, and often intense thinkers that stand up for what they believe in, regardless of the consequences.

Though they are not afraid of a fight, Mongooses are actually very optimistic. Being bored and stagnant in life is the worst curse for a member of this sign. They are very much doers, and deep down they feel that action in some form or another is required of them. In order to maintain balance in life, Mongooses must also learn which emotions to hold onto and which to let go of. Learning to pick their battles and give themselves some well-deserved rest is important to their health and well-being. Jul 5, Mine was very accurate, but the animal they picked A Lemming, though? I am a swan.

My Primal Zodiac sign is a hyena. I can get down with that because I'm always laughing. Whether you love them or hate them, Foxes have a naturally ability to influence others without trying. Members of this sign are born leaders but are also extremely independent. Members of this sign have amazing intuition.

Not only can they read social situations well, they also know exactly what other people want to hear. This is not to say that they are phony in any way. In fact, this is one of the most genuine signs you will ever meet. Rather, Foxes choose what to say and when to say it with great care. They never just blurt out what they are thinking except when they are around those they trust completely. Trust and betrayal are huge concerns of this sign - they are loyal and honest with those they care about and demand that this trust be returned. Ironically they are gifted liars - a trait that they only put to use when they deem it necessary.

They are most often very concerned with career success over all else, as this provides the money, power, authority, and status that they crave so deeply. Personal relationships often take a backseat to their career, and they may find the two difficult to balance. The danger with this is that they can become too good at playing a role instead of just being themselves and end up playing this role their whole lives, never really connecting on a deeper level with anyone.

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Loyalty is of the utmost value to this sign, and if they are betrayed they will never forgive or forget. Owls can hold grudges longer than nearly any other sign.

While they have a confidence they easily attracts others to them, they have a tendency to be a little too intense and can be too confident, cocky, or blunt in their communication. Though they are undoubtedly powerful individuals who cannot be ignored, they have to be careful not to attempt to be the dictator of their friendships. Letting their guard down every once in awhile does both themselves and their personal relationships a great service. Owls most often come across as intense, mysterious, and confident, which is likely to attract admirers.

The challenge for them comes strongest in the arena of love. They always want to stay in command of their lives, if not the entire relationship. Longer-term relationships will likely be with those who are less self-confident and enjoy playing a passive role in their own lives. Owls are indeed loving, affectionate, and loyal to their partners, but they have to be careful not to become too possessive.

Until they learn to share equally in a partnership they are not likely to have lasting success. Make no mistake about it, those born under the sign of the Owl want to be in a position of power. Power and respect are very highly valued with this sign, but they should make sure not to take a position solely for these reasons. Whatever career they choose has to also challenge them. They need to feel their power and confidence in action in order to be satisfied.

Plus, Owl is a very intellectual sign that likes to solve puzzles and conquer obstacles, so the more brains involved in a position the better. A good example of this comes from a career path very common to Owls. Thus, the next logical step for an Owl is to move to a specialized detective position where they can not only be revered for their power and authority, but also for their ability to crack cases.

On the other hand, Owls can also end up making a similar progression on the opposite side of the law for all of the same reasons. Those who choose to endure a long education, and this sign is certainly capable of it, can enjoy careers as doctors, surgeons, or psychiatrists, depending on what field they are most interested in. In the animal kingdom, a hermit crab constantly moves from shell to shell as it grows larger. Similarly, those born under the Primal Zodiac sign of Hermit Crab regularly move between homes, jobs, and relationships.

In their minds, Hermit Crabs believe they will finally settle down and feel comfortable once they find the perfect fit, yet the more they search the more unsettled they feel. Members of this sign have a hard time accepting things as they are, and though they talk a lot about how they are going to make things better, they often just move on instead. They want to feel like they belong, but deep down they are also independent spirits who want their lives to be adventurous and meaningful.

Emotional swings are not uncommon, nor is seeking the help of a therapist. Members of this sign need to learn how to accept life as it is and not try to control everything if they want to find balance and happiness in their lives. Despite their tendency to keep others at a comfortable distance, this sign is witty and caring and has an easy time making friends when they want to.

If the Crab lets them in, these can become some of their best friends, but more likely members of this sign will choose to protect their true selves rather than share them. Family and love is of huge importance to this sign, though they will rarely ever admit it. They will give up everything for true love and once they fall, they fall for good. Ultimately as long as this sign is willing to let its guard down, they will certainly find love and eventually a stable and happy family life.

Each Hermit Crab is highly unique and will have to find what fits them best. Hermit Crabs work best in environments where they can share their knowledge or talent with others or where they can be constantly on the move. This sign does not belong in a cubicle or a stale office environment. They should be out in the world performing work that satisfies them, regardless of the pay. Hermit Crabs also have a penchant for the arts and history, which makes jobs like museum curator or guide a great fit for them. Similarly, this sign finds archeology fascinating and would fit well performing any job in that field.

Similarly, those born under the Primal Zodiac sign of Hermit Crab regularly move between homes, jobs , and relationships. They want to feel like they belong , but deep down they are also independent spirits who want their lives to be adventurous and meaningful. Emotional swings are not uncommon , nor is seeking the help of a therapist. Despite their tendency to keep others at a comfortable distance , this sign is witty and caring and has an easy time making friends when they want to. Family and love is of huge importance to this sign , though they will rarely ever admit it.

Primal Zodiac. Though they are often socially progressive, Porcupines can be very set in their ways. They usually are influenced by their parents and teachers at an early age and may stubbornly stick to ideas and philosophies that no longer serve them. Porcupines do not like change. They do not like to think that their perspective may be flawed and when confronted with the truth this normally strong and confident sign often sticks its head in the sand.

Members of this sign justify basing their actions on their emotions because they feel very certain that they are fair people, and therefore their perspective must also be fair. With the Chinese Zodiac sign of Dragon influencing the subconscious, it is not at all unusual for Porcupines to feel entitled to a higher degree of respect and authority than everyone else. Then, when things do shake out evenly they feel a bit jilted because they felt that they deserved more than what they received.

Porcupines understand that there is a social system and play their role in that system well. They are often the strong-willed co-stars to more dominant personalities, relying on their likeability, kindness, and natural magnetism to draw others to them. Porcupines are polarizing individuals who make both friends and enemies easily. Yet, they make a family wherever they go.

Good friends feel both protective over them and protected by them. Good friends are often closer than blood relatives. Partnerships can be tricky for this sign, especially in early adulthood. The Chinese Zodiac influence of the Dragon provides enough nobility and authority that most Porcupines prefer a partner who is more or less subservient to them.

In truth, Porcupines expect fairness even if they are the ones being unfair. They also enjoy a certain amount of drama in their relationships, so they end up in passionate but often dysfunctional relationships that, if started at a young age, never really change because the Porcupine does not like to change things once they are comfortable with them. Create a DnD Character Based on your natal chart! Fire Emblem Server. Fire Emblem Icons. Long car rides Normal people: ugh so boring Me, a MADD-er: oh this is awesome let me just listen to music and stare out my window while my mind slips away into my alternate reality for hours.

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